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About Us

Expendo is an on demand wireless optimization solution.

Expendo is the collaboration of experts in the areas of enterprise mobile telephony management, data analytics and on demand software development, with a mission of helping all organization save money on wireless services.

No implementation

No long-term contract

Only pay when you use it

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We provide more than a great application

Implementing Your Plan Changes

Need additional support implementing the saving recommendations? No problem, let the expendo team handle it. Our professionals will implement approved rate plan changes with your wireless provider to bring down your cost.

Again no long term contract – just engage us when you need us

Improving Your Contract

Let our market experts help you get a better deal. The expendo team can negotiate your next wireless contract and ensure you are getting the best deal available.

Let our experts do a free contract evaluation now

Cost Benchmarking

Looking to see how your current contract stacks up? Our team can provide you with a detailed benchmark analysis and guide you to lower rates and better contract terms. Add a Find Out More button


Frequently Asked Questions

You only pay when you use it. A small fee of $.50 per device.
Expendo is ideal for organizations with 50 to 50,000 mobile devices.
Your data will be maintained in Expendo for 60 days or you can delete it at any time.
If you want to use Expendo to optimize your wireless bill every month or every quarter, no problem. Contact us for details.

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